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Actions can be only similar but not identical, being different as to agent, or as to time, or as to location. The agent changes with each repeated action. Duration thus consists of distinct actions which resist classification, because each action differs from every other action in the microstructure of happening as to time, place, and event.

Yet the large-scale classing of actions is group reflection essay example needed for activity to seem to have purpose. No one agent can perform an action more than once without ageing. The single identity of any agent depends, in short, upon the position and motion of the person perceiving his identity. The singleness is assured by the shorter durations, and by instantaneous exposure to a reliable and constant perceptor. To suppose identical actions by the same agent, we must admit the idea that time is reversible, which is contrary to experience.

For actions to be identical, they must recur exactly as to agent and place and time. Hence recurrence would be like reversal in time. Since place and agent differ for successive actions, however similar they seem, the actions themselves are necessarily different. The one quality of time never noted, is its absolute power to erode and erase identities between actions. These identities are created only by the abstracting mind, engaged in making time tangible by arresting it.

If we proceed on the assumptions that style is group reflection essay example relational and developmental, we need to test the connection between relatedness and change. Several propositions, seven at least, can easily be advanced, together with their counter-propositions.

Thus a major contradiction arises from the use of the term style. The idea of style is best adapted to static situations, in cross-cut or synchronous section. It is an idea unsuited to duration, which is dynamic, the importance of my mother essay of the changing nature of every class in duration. In short, the idea of style is better suited to extension than to duration.

When we are dealing with large durations, words describing time work high school experience essay examples than essays on population words like style. The scene changes to an empty room. Rimbaud has gone to Abyssinia to make his fortune in the slave trade. Wittgenstein has first chosen schoolteaching, then menial work as a hospital orderly.

has turned to chess. And, accompanying these exemplary renunciations of a vocation, each man has declared that he considers his previous achievements in poetry. philosophy, or art as trifling, of no importance. The most that the artist can do is to play with the different terms in this situation vis-a-vis the audience and himself.

To analyse the idea of silence is to analyse his various alternatives within this essentially unalterable situation. To describe silence as a rhetorical term is, of course. far from condemning this rhetoric as fraudulent or in bad faith. The truth of myths is never a literal truth. The myths of contemporary art can be evaluated only in terms of the diversity and fruitfulness of their application.

The art of our time is noisy with appeals for silence. A coquettish, even cheerful nihilism. One recognizes the imperative of silence, but goes on speaking anyway. Discovering that group reflection essay example parents role in child development essay nothing to say, one seeks group reflection essay example way to say that Silence is a strategy for the transvaluation group reflection essay example art, art itself being the herald of an anticipated group reflection essay example transvaluation of human values.

But the success of this strategy must mean its eventual abandonment, or at least its significant modification. Krishnamurti claims that we must give up psychological, as distinct from factual, memory. Otherwise, we keep filling up the new with the old, closing off experience by hooking each experience into the last. This is an odd and not very promising strategy, one might think, in the light of what results might reasonably be anticipated from it. But perhaps not so group reflection essay example. after all, group reflection essay example one observes how often the aesthetic of silence appears hand in hand with a barely controlled abhorrence of the void.

Certainly, art conceived as a spiritual project is no exception. As an abstracted and fragmented replica of the positive nihilism expounded by the radical group reflection essay example myths, the serious art of our time has moved increasingly toward the most excruciating inflections of consciousness.

Conceivably, irony is the only feasible counterweight to this grave use of art, as the arena for the ordeal of consciousness. The present prospect is that artists will go on abolishing art, only to resurrect it in a more retracted version.

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