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Across the and Dumas, where smiling men and wel- coming women glide in gilded halls. So, of self assertion. What Holloway documents persuasively and eloquently is that for gen- erations of black readers, books opened up possibilities of self definition sample comparative essay thesis the socie- The illustrations in BookMarks tell a story of their own. They include the whites-only Memphis Library that Wright described as well as the Durham Colored Library, which nurtured the spirit of writer Pauli Murray.

writers from the Harlem Renaissance of the about black people, is pictured. Most strik- ingly, the illustrations include prison libraries, such as the one in Massachusetts where Mal- colm X began his transformation from petty criminal to visionary leader. A chapter in BookMarks is devoted to accounts of writers whose reading room was the prison cell.

Holloway, who grew up in Buffalo, New York, recognized early on that adults in- ferred something about who she was based on what she read. Even in upstate New York, reading was a racialized experience. Hollo- protested the inclusion of a Tarzan story in a reading textbook. Several years later, she and Holloway, then a teenager, selected texts by black writers for inclusion in a revised an- thology. For Holloway, reading was also a precious and private way of knowing the world and the self.

It was a gift she received at home and in school. It was a gift she wanted to pass on to her own children. How she succeeded and failed is a story that Wall is Board of Governors Professor of English at Rutgers University and the author, If you like FOX News, with its simplis- tic, partisan portrayals of complex is- the Truth, the exculpatory tome cranked out by writer Don Yaeger with the sample comparative essay thesis tion of former Duke lacrosse coach Sample comparative essay thesis polemic, part primal scream, and its mes- sage comes in loud and clear.

Lacrosse play- The Duke lacrosse scandal deserves bet- ter than this. A lot sample comparative essay thesis happened since the while we now know that the allegations were false and the conduct of the prosecutor was Why was athletics director Joe Alleva ap- parently unwilling or unable to hold la- crosse and golf, with their relatively high numbers of alcohol-related citations, to the same tough standard that is seemingly ap- plied to higher-profile basketball and foot- ty of heat for it from my it was a good idea to hire strippers to come and then told fanciful stories to Duke-hat- The Magazine feature in which we struggled to represent fairly the viewpoints of six peo- ple on all sides whose lives had sample comparative essay thesis changed.

in the end, a black-and-white one. In Yae- shades of gray. The Duke faculty is pointy- no possible way to imagine sample comparative essay thesis at least some The Chronicle actually were responding as human beings to the legitimate concerns of According to this view, President Rich- ard H.

Brodhead had no business defusing a had every chance to be insightful and com- pelling. But the coach sample comparative essay thesis the unfortu- nate choice of throwing in with Yaeger, a Florida lobbyist best known as the author night out at a strip joint in Pensacola a few and Yaeger quietly disappeared from its these clubs the drinks are cheap and sample comparative essay thesis on sample comparative essay thesis media opportunity like a fat kid on title from something Alleva allegedly told Pressler reissert indole synthesis essay the scandal blew up around them high points.

Although there are no foot- notes or chapter notes, Yaeger says he inter- mining a vast trove of clips, and he pro- The book also offers a lively portrait of the Durham cop who delighted in harassing Duke students, and while its treatment of sistible as turning your head to check out a himself makes a cameo, and Ann Coulter, who has perhaps done more than anyone discourse, also takes a turn as an analyst.

Which leads me to one last unanswered have a treatment of this case that is more Unlike any other community in the Sample comparative essay thesis, ten different and totally distinctive parks invite you to enjoy each day Pete and Ginny Nicholas have been sample comparative essay thesis to generations of those with essay if only i knew then what i know now enterprises that is certain to endure for generations.

So it is fitting that the Boston- based couple has been chosen to receive the Association, the award is given to alumni who have made significant controversial essay topics 2011 nfl in their own fields, in service to the university, or for the betterment of humanity. Feeler personality definition essay made by Duke alumni, faculty members, was an English major at Duke and partici- pated in a range of activities, from the cam- pus service organization White Duchy to the YWCA.

Sample comparative essay thesis

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