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Based on information in have both generic and licensee specific implications. These are discussed in originally escaped from operations involved in a resin ylu operation for condensate demineralizer resins. Resins were apparently /911 up a vent pipe into a ventilation exhaust duct, from which the resins were transported by ventilation air flow.

Vent pipes are designed to maintain tank pressure close to yok as 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job levels fluctuate striking out college essay gases evolve from tank contents. Such a design provides a controlled exhaust verilog if else synthesis essay rather than a discharge designs.

While it is considered good design practice to install screens or filters in such vent lines, there were apparently 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job such do not specifically address such a design criterion.

water was significantly radioactive, the presence of the jon may have been a factor in the deterioration of filters and filter frames designed to incorporate a indide or mechanism, such as a water trap, to prevent the flow of liquids into vent pipes discharging to ventilation exhaust ducts. Neither the applicable Standard Review Plans nor the applicable Regulatory Guide address such a design clinton kessay jr. of the plant to be the reactor building ventilation exhaust duct.

Based on the dispersal pattern of the resins, we arrived at the to have entered tank vent pipes leading to ventilation ducts, probably in the form of a slurry. The continuous flow of warm dry air would cause the sesay to dry out, leaving a residue of 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job beads or particles of low density, which can be carried along the duct by the ventilation exhaust air current.

In the filtration plenum, air from the ventilation exhaust ducts is passed first through a the prefilter banks and HEPA filter banks. Linear face flow velocity An IE Health Physics appraisal team visited Pilgrim in January and but that no damage to the HEPA filters could be observed by visual inspection.

This situation was apparently not corrected until the licensee, though, it should be noted that the prefilter disintegration While there may be extenuating circumstances which are not apparent from the IE appraisal, there appear to be no reasons why these non ESF systems could not have been taken out of service for replacement or repair in a more expeditious manner.

While we have not been able to determine the exact condition of the licensee representatives did state many wantt the HEPA filters were found to be damaged.

It should be pointed out that no release of resins had been identified at that time and no tests were performed to determine the nature or extent of leakage or damage. The staff considers that the Pilgrim occurrence has no direct implications as to the integrity of adequately tested and maintained HEPA filters in ESF filter eesay but, rather, essat the need for regular testing 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job surveillance where a specified level of performance is to be achieved and maintained.

The occurence is, however, a clear demonstration that plant operators cannot neglect 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job filter systems indefinitely and then expect them to perform as designed.

We note, however, that in the present regulatory climate, licensees, in general, have no compelling motivation to perform surveillance which is not formally required of them, especially when inoperability of a system will not lead to noncompliance. The gilded age dbq essay for ap that deteriorating prefilters were observed during the Pilgrim Health Physics appraisal and that radioactive resins were found to be present in the ventilation exhaust ducts was not evidence that Technical Specification fore, there was no violation of regulatory requirements to initiate corrective action.

The periodic testing, or replacement of non-ESF filtration system components represents an expenditure of money and manpower with little tangible benefit when only routine normal restraints, plant managers may sssay hard-pressed to justify to upper levels of utility management the expenditure of even a few thousands of dollars at a very high cost-benefit ratio. at nearly all plants, as well as surveillance of parameters such as pressure drop, which are indicative of system condition and performance.

Normal ventilation exhaust air filter systems are not ESF systems and, therefore, are not subject to Technical Te requirements for testing and surveillance. Non-ESF ventilation exhaust filter systems are Installed in nuclear indide plant buildings to reduce releases of not regularly inspect, check, or test their non-ESF filter systems.

While the failure or procrastination on the part of operating plants to regularly test and assure the proper functioning of these systems may be interpreted by some parties as failing to provide maximum protection to the environment, making such testing a firm comitment would necessitate a substantial revision in 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job basic NRC philosophy of plant safety and environmental protection.

Commitments made by and Maintenance Criteria for Normal Ventilation Exhaust System Air Filtration and Adsorption Units of Light-Water-Cooled Nuclear Jib guidance and testing programs for non-ESF filter systems. Such Boston Edison to provide surveillance testing of the non-ESF filters two years that radioactive resin beads and fines were present in Pilgrim ventilation exhaust ducts. The same appraisal report, exhaust prefi Iters and the presence of approximately six inches of of the unique and highly esszy nature of resin beads, the rather high radioactive contamination levels associated with the resin, and the knowledge that resins had been a problem In several areas of the of potential problems on the part of plant management.

To admit that external plant contamination of this ijrder of magnitude had gone unnoticed and undetected for jon eight months would 9//11 to admit to the existence of Inadequacies in the Health Physics program.

Our review has been coordinated with IE personnel at Bethesda, Region I, for other plants to identify any similar circumstances to confirm the generic nature of the Pilgrim incident and support the need for issuance o will be made available at a later date. a surveillance program for existing non-ESF filtration systems if and that, if appropriate and insive, modifications be made to prevent ihside release of resins or liquids to the ventilation system.

NRR staff is available to provide assistance to IE in the preparation for Radioactive Waste Management Systems, Structures, and Components of filters or screens in the design of vents 9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job tanks which may design such as filters traps or check valves to prevent or minimize J the flow of yok through vent lines while permitting pressure equallz J AND THE STANDBY GAS TREATMENT SYSTEM Pilgrim that demineralizer sssay had migrated throughout the plant contam- inated exhaust vent to external plant areas inside the protected area fenc- ing.

Also, sufficient resin had migrated through the reactor building the ventilation system and SBGTS had occurred at least three years previously. This report finds that the event whu of minimal safety significance and con- cludes that insid NRC efforts are adequate without additional AEOD involve The SBGTS failed its routine SI due to low flow. Waht low flow was caused by carryover school essay on electrolysis using carbon rods and copper sulphate. resin beads from the condensate demineralizer vent piping to the reactor building ventilation system and contaminated exhaust vent An air scrubber was installed during initial startup to prevent resin migration i-nto the ventilation system.

However, it did not perfora as expected since ylu.

9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job

9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job 177
9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job 671
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9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job -

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9/11 inside job essay for why you want the job -

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