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Swall amounts of resin are sonietijDes entraijied in the air and water sluice, wiuch could gain access to the cxsnta-ninated exhaust vent plenun as discussed above. Since the contaminated exhaust filters were found to be degraded and replaced at least a year old, it was concluded that the Ttost likely pathway of the resin-was frcrn the level 2013 english essay danineralizer vent to the contaminated exhaust The circumstances surrounding the release of resin can be attributed to several factors.

As mentioned earlier, condensate demineralizer backwash operations and problenvs with the condensate derdneralizer systen vents were backwashes of the condensate danineralizer beds were required durinq the The initial identification of the release was observed by a health physics Condenser Retube Building, as lart siren song odyssey essays on abortion a general site survey.

resins were detected on sectiais within the protected area to the south and outlet to the Discheirge Canal was checked with no measurable results. A fine mesh screen was affixed to all storm drains to oontaiji siren song odyssey essays on abortion within the siren song odyssey essays on abortion area.

In situ soil analyses conducted in selected areas outside TTie shorefront area and the main stack area were also checked which resulted in no activity above background. A oonplete list of sanples taken including Our iitmediabe corrective actions were to conduct an extensive survey of affected areas, ixiiiie nce cleanup operations, and identify and secure the resin source.

The Condensate Danineralizer Systen was identified as the resin source and was secured to preclude further backwashing or venting mented to ensure that no more resin vrouid be admitted to the ventilation pects necessary to prevent carryover of resins. The Tanporary Procedure was Ttie integrity of the contaminated exhaust ventilation filters was verified loy ventilation systan ccrponents were inspecusd or tested to verify their operability and the absence of resin.

Clean air intake filters and ducts were inspected to verify absence of resin. Tnt Reactor Building Vent monitor was inspected to verify operability. The inspection found the systan to be operable. gas scrubber so as to provide a larger volume, two levels of fhase separation vent systan will loe vented to the TIP Itoatn rather siren song odyssey essays on abortion dircsctly to the ventila- In additioi, a ventilation systan inspection piugia n has been established to identify and rcove any ranaining resin from the ventilation systffn.

Ihe integrity of the contaminated exhaust filters will be verified by visual in- We believe these actions to be prudent and effective rieasures to assure plant ventilation systans in the future. Boston Edison Qxpany, in response to an Order irodifying our License, has cuiiidtted to improve the Corrective Action Prograin siren song odyssey essays on abortion a Siren song odyssey essays on abortion we have made ctiiinitments to identify weaknesses and determine alternatives of cotrnuni cation methods and uses.

the Corrective Action Systan are based on our recent Joiou-ledge of a Corrective should you have additional questions on this subject, please do not hesitate to identification of spent resin on roof-tops and piveraent within the p-ctected cause. In the event long term plant design changes are neaded to correct of the procedure revisions and other administrative controls Is performed Ventilation filters has been verified by OOP testing.

verify their operability and the absence of resin. The re. sults of the end the absence of resin In the sampling system. The results of this The response customer loyalty strategies essay by this letcer is not subject to the clearance procedures A.

Morisi, Manager, Nudtir Operations Support If 5 000 word essay pages are ir. y cuesrlonf on this subject, pleese contact us. investigation vas conducted to detertlne ceuse. The invesllESt-on detemined the cause to be carryover of resin beads fron Che condensate deitinerellzer vent systesc, into siren song odyssey essays on abortion conratinated exhaust vent The condensate deiiineraliser systea vas secured end cleanup and corrective to allow interiB operation, vhiie for long siren song odyssey essays on abortion corrective actions, a nev operating procedure and design chinge vill be made.

EsckvEshing of dcEineralizer beds, by design, removes resin fines aDd particuletes. It is expected that sone vhole lesin beads vill also be la order to maintain condensate deTiinerelliers operating vlthin lev Eicicise crud loading of the reactor vessel and attendant radiation were required during the ascension to power subsequent to extended ducting over the years were hastened in their tigration by the repeated venting operations and by virtue of SGTS testing using a coEacn ventile- The resin release outside the process buildings has been secured.

Off- site stcpling found no measurable amounts of resin released to the surrounding environs. Less then one-half of a cubic foot of resin beads feet was found and removed from inside the ventilation systes. condensate demlnerallzer system backwash evolutions were performed until the licensee took actions to prevent recurrence.

A temporary modification was made to the vent system by blanking off the outlet of the gas scrubber to the Con- taminated Exhaust System. The licensee made use of the dump valve off of the Building equipment sump In the HPCI quadrant. A trial run was made with clean resin and resulted In no further Increase of resin Into the ventilation system. Inspections were made of the ventila- resin was performed.

Procedure changes were made to ensure that backwashing evolutions were compatible with the new vent path.

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Siren song odyssey essays on abortion

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Per piece or in bulk, etc. which you can express in any manner you wish. There are so-and-so-many sapphires set on clamps for women they weigh so much.

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