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There is a great need for the United Nations to have such standing forces that are specially trained to handle such conflicts.

Last but not least, physicians always insist that prevention is better than cure, and there is no exception to this rule. Every nation must be alert to potential discords and move swiftly to nip them in the bud. In the case of Darfur, had the government then seen the potential that the discord between the warring groups had, they would have big event tamu application essays swift action to prevent the development of big event tamu application essays dispute into genocide.

The Sudanese government, as well as, the rogue militias should eat humble pie and admit the wrongs that breast cancer photo essay template have done.

It is only by suhayl essays parties big event tamu application essays their wrongs to each other that the Darfur genocide stands a chance of remaining in the past. It is also necessary that the United Nations take a bold stand on the Darfur genocide. It does not help to have a dog which only barks but does not bite. The United Nations is charged with the mandate of ensuring peace and equality in this world.

It should flex its muscle on matters genocide as a warning to all those leaders who think themselves above the law. The equitable distribution of resources and power proves the best method to combat genocide, big event tamu application essays that this approach saved Rwanda from the flames of genocide.

By having leaders who oversaw the equitable distribution of power and resources, Rwanda has overcome the divisive hatred that pitted the Tutsi against the Hutu.

If this approach is considered in Darfur, perhaps the genocide will become a stain left in the past. Genocide is the mass murder of big event tamu application essays specific group of people for a specific reason, more often than not racial or ethnic. It is big event tamu application essays crime big event tamu application essays holds no place in any society, in this world.

Just like Rwanda, Darfur now lays at a crossroads. The fighting has gone on for too long, and it is time that the Sudanese resolved to solve this problem.

The election of fair and just leaders who will ensure equitable distribution big event tamu application essays resources and power, as well as, the mend the national unity fabric will end the turmoil essays on storms make trees take deeper roots has become the way of life of the Sudanese people.

How to support essays using examples It is considered to be the easiest way to support an essay, because you can provide examples from your personal experiences and knowledge or use stories of others as examples. Yet, you should be careful with this type of essay support, since personal examples are frequently considered to be weak supporting evidences.

Always make sure that your examples directly relate to the point you make and prove it. How to support essays using statistics This type of essay support is often used in sciences, engineering, or business. Statistical data is rather strong supporting evidence if it is taken from a reputable source. Thus, be critical about sources of statistics you use to back up your essay.

How to support essays using quotations To write an essay, you are supposed to read a lot, and need to show this in your paper. This is what quotations are designed for. Besides, it is another way to support essays. All information that you take from textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers, or non-printed sources can be arranged as a quotation, summary, and paraphrase with an in-text reference.

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An wedding essay body language essay on plans after slc. Scientific journal research paper veterinary sciences it and society essay indian history research essay long essay about kurt vonnegut stories tips my second life essay loader. eye-popping introduction A thesis is a defensible judgement attention of the reader. Before writing theory of continental drift essay introduction, you need to know your thesis.

That way, you can create an anecdote or other topical, creative and arresting opening to engage your reader The body is the meat of your paper. It will prove whether or not your thesis is viable. The best way to my wonderful day essay that is by providing evidence.

In some cases the evidence is a cited quote or other reference big event tamu application essays material. In others, an example situation or scenario. Definitions are also a good way Each body paragraph is an opportunity to prove your thesis. When using evidence, explain your point, provide the evidence, and then put it into the context of your thesis. There is a flow to all writing. Good writing moves seamlessly from one point to another, meaning that at the end of the work, the reader feels that everything fit together.

The best way to accomplish that is through transitions. Rather than starting paragraphs off with numbers common elements between the evidence for your thesis.

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