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Appleby, R. Bennett, G. Bernhard, N. Boynton, Jr. Bovey, Jr. Bressler, J. Drew, H. Early, L. Elwood, J. Garrigues, Jr. Gruener. H C. Herron, I. Hopkins, R. Ird G. Jewett, O. Jones, R.

Jones, Sgudents Logan, J. Lowes, G. McCarten, ji Prescott, J. Preston, G. Rand, W. Ri son, E. Scofield. Simonson. W Sloan, L. Smith, C. Spencer, Jr. Stevens, Jr. Stokes, S.

Boardman, from the Committee english essay topics for college students pdf file Foreign Correspondence, offered enced in receiving the Rev. James McCosh, LL. who, although not oSicially accredited to us by the Free Church of Scotland, bears credentials having the signatures of many of the prominent and influential ministers of that Church, assuring us that their General Assembly, if in session, would unquestionably, in their judgment, have given him a formal com- rendered to the cause of revealed religion, by his learned and able disqui- sitions in moral philosophy and theology, we tender to him personally the tribute of our cordial respect and gratitude.

Church of Scotland, and heartily reciprocate every sentiment of kindness and sympathy to which he has given utterance on behalf of that Church, America may soou be brought into a closer and more beneficent fellow- to enter into an arrangement with the General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland for an annual interchange of delegates.

On the assurance of our brother that such a measure will, as he believes, receive the prompt approval of that venerable body, we will send a representative to meet them at their next annual sessions, as we will welcome any dele- leaving all matters of detail pertaining to this correspondence to be from the visit of the Rev.

McCosh. We thank him for his fraternal and instructive addresses, and we affectionately commend him to the care of a gracious Providence, that he may be shielded from all peril on the land and on the sea, and that his life may simalto analysis essay be spared to the Church Pending a motion to adopt the report, Dr. Yan Dyke moved that the report be so amended as to include the eight hundred and fifty minis- The amendment was laid upon the table, and the report was adopted.

subject of the reunion of the two branches of the Presbyterian Church, from the Presbyteries of Leavenworth, Muncie, New Lisbon, Madison, Erie, and Oxford. These Presbyteries ask the Assembly rites of passage essay question take measures at this session to secure, at an early day, the organic union of the two bodies whose General Assemblies are now in session in this essay on nicki minaj. other branch of the Presbyterian Church, and its earnest desire for re- union at the earliest time consistent with agreement in doctrine, order, and polity, on the basis of our common standards, and the prevalence of mutual confidence and love which are necessary to a happy union, and to the permanent peace and prosperity of the united Church.

courts, and to all our everyone deserves a second chance essay ideas for othello, english essay topics for college students pdf file elders, and communicants, to cherish fraternal feelings, to cultivate Christian intercourse, in the wor- ship of God and in the promotion of the cause of Christ, and to avoid all needless controversies and competitions adapted to perpetuate division and be appointed, provided that a similar Committee shall be appointed by the other Assembly now in session in this english essay topics for college students pdf file, for the purpose of conferring in regard to the desirableness and practicability of english essay topics for college students pdf file, and if, after conference and inquiry, such reunion shall seem to be desirable and prac- ticable, to suggest suitable measures for its accomplishment, and report to Dr.

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