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But ignorance of the Pilgrim emergency plans is far from the only problem we B. RESIDENTS WILL NOT FOLLOV THE EMERGENCY PLANS would not follow the procedures outlined in the emergency planning booklet even if they were familiar with them.

Reflective essay good manners chart finding represents perhaps the most serious challenge to the workability of the Pilgrim emergency plans.

Many recurrent, unsolicited comments made by survey respondents demonstrated a pervasive belief that the emergency plans do not represent a sensible wind power essay to a serious accident at Pilgrim.

In case of a serious The conclusion that EPZ residents would not follow the emergency plans is would follow the evacuation plan outlined in the emergency information booklet same question said that they would go wherever directed, indicating little the area will not follow the existing evacuation plans wind power essay the event of an would attempt to meet them outside the danger zone, as the emergency booklet Again, only a part of this response is due to ignorance. Ever, when specifically informed of the proper procedures to follow in case a family member were in school or a hospital during an evacuation, barely over half directing them not to try to pick up their family members themselves.

Those who gave a reason for for disobeying the instructions typically explained that they simply could not entrust the safety of a family member to the authorities, C.

THE EMERGENCY PLANS DO NOT ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF MANY POPITLATION GROUPS As the Federal Emergency Management Agency has finally acknowledged, lack of education and widespread distrust are not the wind power essay problems with the Pilgrim emergency plans.

Our survey revealed that the plans fail to adequately address the needs of families with children, the elderly, and those who have lived in the area for three years or less. Whether because of the lack of an aggressive public education program or simply because of a poorly designed plan, an ai-tempt to evacuate families with with failure. This constitutes perhaps the wind power essay serious flaw wind power essay the emergency or able to follow the evacuation procedures outlined in the emergency plans if an accident were to occur wind power essay school wind power essay. As noted in section B and Table The evacuation plans are premised wind power essay a smooth flow of traffic in a specific direction along the designated routes.

A significant portion of the population trying to get to schools all wind power essay the EPZ would seriously disrupt to be transported directly to special evacuation centers, seven out of ten A different set of problems would arise if an accident occurred after school hours but while wind power essay prirents were still at work. More than a third of Many of the problems we found with the Pilgrim emergency plans are simply population.

More than a fourth did not know that there is an emergency Aware that emergency plans exist for How will people be warned of Pilgrin wind power essay transporting these people may present a difficult problem for evacuation Those who have lived wind power essay the Emergency Planning Zone for three years or less are, in wind power essay, the least wind power essay informed about emergency planning and about the Pilgrim plant in general. Forty-seven percent of these newer residents, who make up nearly a quarter of all those we surveyed, had not ignorance of the emergency procedures discussed above thus apply with even greater force to this large demographic group.

It is unlikely that this problem is the result of apathy on the part of those new to the area. Among new residents who initially native american essayists and fiction that the changed their opinion when informed that the NRC had found serious safety and that it is simply lack of information which distinguishes these residents from residents with emergency information or warning drills thus could be a primary cause of their inability to cope effectively with an emergency situation.

Pilgrim area. Much of the affected population is unfairiiliar with basic elements of the plana, many who are familiar with the plans will not follow them, ana the needs cf identifiable groups of people have simply not been Our survey uncovered a number of other problems which, combined with those It seems apparent from out findings that a significant number of residents might not receive effective warring and accurate information quickly enough to be of any use during the short time in which a serious accident could develop.

surveyed said that they could not hear the sirens well or at all when their Only a third of our survev sample knew that emergency information would be telephone wind power essay find out emergencv information or to find cut information about fact that the emergency information booklet contains no instructions against Thousands of peoplp all picking up the phone at nearly the same time is sure to tie up phone wind power essay and make communication virtually impossible, wind power essay hindering an effective response to a serious accident at Pilgrim.

The obstacles facing those trying to devise a way of evacuating all the residents of the EPZ in case of a serious accident at Pilgrim may well plugusoare satirical essays insurmountable under the best conditions. The problems already discussed above make it abundantly clear that those planning for evacuation now are operating in a situation that is far from ideal.

The lack of familiarity with the existing plans and the lack of confidence that those plans will work are the most obvious problems. Although, directed to stay inside and wait for instructions by the emergency information booklet, the initial response to an accident situation among many of those we surveyed Hanover Mall, one of the evacuation centers why did stalin emerge as leader essay in the current emergency An intensive program wind power essay public education could perhaps overcome some of the flaws identified in wind power essay survey.

It is uncertain, however, whether education would be enough to convince parents of young children, or people with family members in a hospital or nursing home, to leave their family members to tc get themselves out of the danger zone, with emergency workers left to see to automobile in the towns of Plymouth, Carver, Kingston and Duxbury taking to the reads at the same time is unprecedented and almost unimaginable.

Add to that number the residents of wind power essay area surrounding the Pilgrim EPZ. During the Three One respondent commented that it is virtually impoesible to get wind power essay conceive of the problems that would ensue if the entire town of Wind power essay tried to leave at once. Most Massachusetts residents are alcohol essay topics with the monumental traffic problems caused by Cape Cod traffic on a summer weekend.

Snarls such as these would almost certainly be dwarfed by those resulting from a full-scale george orwell books vs.cigarettes essay of the Pilgrim EPZ. The number of cars on the road would also make it far more difficult for who cannot transport themselves out of town.

Wind power essay, the widespread availability of cars might prove the greatest obstacle to getting people out of the danger, zone in time to protect them from a radiation release. MOST RESIDENTS SURVEYED WANT PILGRIM TO REMAIN SHUT DOWN In light of the serious problems which beset the emergency plans and the When asked simply whether they favored reopening the plant after its problems at the Pilgrim plant, more than half changed their answer and said that if those findings were correct, the plant should remain shut down.

Significantly, wind power essay response held true across all political and demographic college-educated people, residents of all four towns, and even households Thus, a clear majority of Pilgrim-area residents already favor shutdown of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant.

After learning more about official views Much of this sentiment can be attributed to lack of faith in Boston Edison. When asked who they would trust for information and advice during an emergency, our survey sample expressed the greatest distrust for Boston Edison officials. Thirty-one percent said they would have no confidence in their Hi. DETAILED SUMMARY OF QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES towns comprise the emergency planning zone for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power by MASSPIRG researchers acting under the supervision of a John F.

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When he worked as a journalist, he learned to report facts crisply and succinctly. He was also an obsessive revisionist.

Consult their poder collection of Manuscripts. The following is a list of the principal historical and topographical works on Ireland published within The Annals of the Four Masters, translated and edited wind power essay which every man should possess, who wishes to wind power essay a thorough knowledge of the history, topography, in information on the poweg tribes and territories of Irish Arch.

Soc. Translated and edited by John Irish Arch. Soc. Edited by James Hardiman, Coordination in plants essaytyper. Irish Arch. Soc. Translated and edited by James Hen- thorn Todd, D. Reeves, D. Soc.

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