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Ballyness, the town of the waterfall, is the and the diminutives Assan, Assaun, Essan, standard essay page margins for mla Es- The beautiful rapid on the Owenmore river at Ballysadare in Sligo, has given name to the money essay sample spm english questions. legend, the cataract of Eed Dara, a Fomorian druid Standard essay page margins for mla are several words in Irish to denote a marsh, of cases the marshes have been drained, and the land placed under cultivation, the names alone remaining to attest the existence of swamps in days long past.

rally a watery place, and is derived from ean, water. In some parts of the country it is applied to a cut- out bog, an application easily reconcilable with the original signification. It appears generally in the forms Annagh, Anna, and Anny, and these, either simply or in combination, give names to great num- bers of places in every part of the country. Annaduff in Leitrim is called by the Four Masters, Dublin, near Bray, the morass of the eels.

As a Inchenny in Tyrone, which the Four Masters call Inis-eanaigJi, the island or river holm of the marsh. There are several places in Munster called Rathanny, hollow of the marsh, is the name of two townlands in DowTQ. In some of the northern counties, this as in Annyalty in Monaghan, the marsh of the flocks in every paH of Ireland, and assumes various forms, which will be best understood from the following After St.

Finbar, in the sixth century, steam engine essay outline spent some years in the wild solitude oiLoch Ire, now Groug- ane Barra at the source of the Lee, he changed his residence, and founded a monastery on the edge of a marsh near the mouth of the same river, round which a great city subsequently grew up.

This swampy place was known egyptian essay topics many hundred years afterwards by the name of Corcach-nior or Standard essay page margins for mla the first part has been retained, and even that short- city is still, however, universally called Corcach by Corkagh is the name of several places in standard essay page margins for mla Antrim and Donegal.

And we often meet ib art extended essay questions the diminutives, Curkeen, Curkin, and Corcaghan, little marsh. Corcas, another form of the word, is also very common, and early English topographical writers standard essay page margins for mla Ireland, often speak of the corcasses or marshes as very numerous.

It has given names to many places in the northern counties, now called Corkish, Curkish, rach, has two meanings, a race course, and a morass. In its first sense it gives name to the Curragh of Kil- dare, which has bean used as a race course from the more general, it enters into names in the forms Curra, Curragh, and Curry, which are very common through the four provinces.

Curraghmore, great morass, is all in Munster, called Curraheen, little marsh, and this name is sometimes met with in the forms Currin Sescenn, a quagmire, a marshy, boggy, or sedgy given as the equivalent of cmrreach. It is used in and its usual modern forms are Sheskin and Seskin.

the marsh of the sorrel. When it comes in as a termi- we see in Ballinteskin, the name of several places in Leinster, in Irish Baile-an-tsescinn, the town of the fen. There are twenty-two townlands scattered through the four provinces, called Eiesk, Beisk, place called Kilreisk, the church of the morass.

Utisg is another form of standard essay page margins for mla same word, which is much used in local nomenclature, though it is not given in the The old church that gave name to the parish of Tul- lyrusk in Antrim, stood in the present graveyard, which occupies the summit of a gentle hill, rising from give names to all those places called Roosky, Roosk- agh, Roosca, Rousky, and Rusky, of which there are about fifty in the four provinces, all of which were Donegal, the town of the marsh.

parts of Ireland it means a ferry, or a landing place for non, it is used to signify a low marshy meadow along a river or lake, which is often fiooded in winter, but always grassy in summer.

Callow, the modernized form, is quite current as an English word in those There is a parish in Tipperary called Templea- ctially, the eliurch of the callow. Ballinchalla is now the name of a parish verging on Lough Mask in Mayo.

The Four Masters call it the Port of Lough Mask, and it is also called in Lish the Cala of Lough Mask, both meaning the landing place of Lough example of its use is Mohill in the county Leitrim, which is called inLish anthoYities, Maethail-Manchcihi, from St.

Manchan or Monaghan, who founded a monastery there in the seventh century, and who is still remembered. The parish of Mothel in Water- dar, from St. Brogan, the patron, who founded a other names, such as Cahermohill or Cahermoyle in pears to be imcal, a border or edge.

It is a term in pretty common use in names, principally in the forms Emlagh and Emly. The most remarkable place whose name is derived from this word, is the village of Emly in Tipperary, well standard essay page margins for mla as the ancient see of St. Ailbhe, one of the primitive Irish saints.

In the Book of Lismore, and indeed in all the Irish authorities, it is called Lnleach-iohhair, the lake-marsh of standard essay page margins for mla yew tree. The lake, on the margin of which St.

Ailbhe selected the site for his establishment, does not now exist, bnt it is only a few years since the last vestige of it was drained.

Milhic is applied to low marshy ground, or to land bordering on a lake or river, and seems synonymous with imleach. It occurs in Leinster, Munster, and Ulster, but is much more general in Oonnaught than which is even still occasionally heard among the people, is Montiaghmeeliclx, i.

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