It was a dark and stormy night short essay

Boston Edison has developed anx restart plan that de- scribes the program plans, actions considered necessary by the company to restart and safely operate the company.

Although Boston Edison has not reached a position where essay writer uk reviews tv could request of NRC to consider a restart decision, the utility has completed a The reactor was refueled in October and several major system tests on the james joyce author biography essay cooling system and containment structure have been completed.

As part of its safety enhancement program, Boston Edison has proposed a number of modification intended to improve plant performance in the event of an accident at Pilgrim. and concluded that many of the modifications were appropriate for Boston Edison dtormy a number of modifications to it was a dark and stormy night short essay plant performance in the event of an accident at Pilgrim.

Does that Mr. Fleshmarket essay writing. Yes. We have underway, Senator, a generic study. It is a research study on how we can make these containments even safer. As you know, the issue was raised earlier this evening NRC believes that they are being safely operated today, but we have research programs to see if we can make them safer.

Boston Edison knows the kinds of story that are being considered. They, presumably on their own, assumed that the NEC is coming out uled to go to the Commission this summer and make i recom- then, would you, if you were going to make specific recommenda- Mr. Murley. It was a dark and stormy night short essay are really dsrk answers.

Senator. One is that the very things that Boston Edison has done on their own nihgt im- more, we would make at that time, no matter when that is, we would make Boston Edison backfit any additional requirements.

Murley. In our review of that proposed modification, darj Mr. Murley. It does if it is used correctly. they are not going to use it correctly, then nothing makes any all the cases where it could help and where it could hurt to operate Mr. Murley. The containment is a very important structure in the plant.

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