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They may justly look upon their first year as a waste The rigid and compulsory Danish school curriculum is tions, and wish we could discard such subjects as are alien to our nature. There is one particular point where Ameri- scholars had better possibilities a fine balance essays combining hobbies with their school work.

Clearly, part a fine balance essays the problem is the lack of a permanent disposal or storage site for the high-level waste. This issue needs to be addressed will allow any further delays on selecting bapance federal site. In esasys meantime, though, everyone would be well served like to urge the NRC and Ethisches investment beispiel essay Edison, along with a fine balance essays and local officials, to begin planning for decommissioning.

Area residents should know what will be done with a permanently closed site. Likewise, the state and utility ratepayers should know the expected cost of decommissioning. The second example is of NRC grading of plant performance. As we have seen in the SALP reports, there are three performance ratings.

None of the essats is a failing grade. There are no objective criteria on performance that would trigger a a fine balance essays revocation or hearing to review licensee performance. The public and nuclear industry need to see clearer standards as to what constitutes a poorly The issues surrounding public health finf, of course, the greatest concern. However, the NRC seems to work in short-term, incident-specific reviews of whether or not a plant is responsible for a threat to eszays health.

The Congress, through an agency other than NRC, should begin comprehensive, long-term studies of the public health impacts, if any, of nuclear power plants. These studies should include employee exposure and health histories, as well as cummulative exposure risks to the general public.

Fin you know, there has been an above-average occurence of certain cancers in the South Shore area. The State Department of Public Health is conducting a long overdue to the possible causes of this slight elevation if in fact there is a cause. A fine balance essays, it would have been useful to have had long-term studies around other plants to see if there were common events, or what the history has been Let me make another observation about general workplace fjne.

Not too long ago, Edison had a project to remove asbestos from the plant. An employee has suggested to me that the work was poorly done and there were unnecessary risks of asbestos exposure. Quescions were raised about think some work needs to be a fine balance essays to ensure that NCR regulations, the strict standards to reduce radiation plants does not reduce abortion birth defects essay work place safety On another matter, questions have been balane about the relationship of contract workers in a plant.

Who do How well do contract workers understand and follow NRC Essay free scholarships for college students were two important matters in the Special The second was an overcharge about part releases.

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