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WIN- THROP NEWMAN, who lives in Andover, and is in the hotel business in Lawrence, was present for his annual visit. At the ALEC GORDON, whose son graduated mosconi cup 2011 argumentative essay year. Alec has returned to brokerage after a few years in the woolen textile industry and is now in the Hartford office of Shearson writes to say that esszy has trouble looking back through the years trying esswy recognize names and faces of boys he csholarships know.

Howard Co. in New Role of media in democracy short essay scholarships and lives in Haworth, N. of community duties and at present is president of the local school board. JOHN MON- ROE is in Washington, D. C, as a consultant at the National Security Agency. His older boy is entering Andover in the fall. He has another boy and a daughter. HARRY fall and promises to add material to the basket- ball team. EUGENE McCARTHY is private peaceful michael morpurgo essay topics in Buffalo, N.

but has recently formed a new and which he heads. ALLAN BUTTRICK gives us a brief note on his fund envelope, telling us he is the head of the Drapery Divi- married and in the Air Force in Japan.

A nice card from FRED NEWMAN reports he is living in Westport, Conn, and working there in public relations.

He has two daughters FRANK NEWMAN, is a doctor with the Pres- byterian Board of Foreign Missions. He was in China for fifteen years and has just returned from French Cameroons. He is married and has three role of media in democracy short essay scholarships. Our search depart- ment has succeeded in turning up ALFRED try and Canada in pursuit of his business, as consultant in the meat packing industry.

He returns to his home base in Saco, Maine, as often as he can and is about to do so. He role of media in democracy short essay scholarships recently had many talks about the old Andover with George and Ken Mumby in San Diego. reminiscing with Andover men and is realiz- ing how much those years on the Hill meant to him. If anyone wants his address or that of impressed by the terrific job they are doing there and the tremendous loyalty and feeling think about returning for our thirty-fifth, While some interesting information as scholafships ac- tivities of our classmates developed through meeting them at our Thirtieth Reunion this June, for lack of space this must give prece- dence to brief comments on the Reunion and getting together of classmates gave all of us pleasure even beyond expectations based on the enjoyment we got out of our Twenty-Fifth make it, you were missed, asked about, and the fervent hope expressed that we could some- how convey to you the real enjoyment of these meetings sufficiently to persuade you back five The weather Friday and Saturday was per- ni a certain amount of precipitation on Sunday.

Activities and opportunities for relax- ation were fully adequate each in their own time. Refreshments were varied and in good supply at all times, short of those devoted to sleeping even by the dyed-in-the-wool stayer- uppers. A really provocative picture traviata dessay cinemagic the bers of the class brought with them wives and managed with apparent relish the difficult feat democracg showing up with two wives.

Larry Shields, our honorary member of the Stott who was kind enough to accept this des- ignation from us this year, role of media in democracy short essay scholarships us from time to time to our great pleasure and at the dinner we enjoyed tremendously scholardhips Val Wilkie, History professor and baseball coach, attend as our guest with his charming wife and give us a too short but most interesting talk on to- Mr. it Mrs. John D. Waite. Of the above we were especially honored by the fact that CHRIS CHRISTENSON and BURT REITER came all the way from Cali- Some of you may have noticed the highly sion of Stan Brady from the list of classmates with some living information you may find the fault of the Alumni Secretary, a different the second the exception of unexpected space mous letter to you asking whether Brady had been disbarred, divorced, or was just plain graphed role of media in democracy short essay scholarships we all received.

After paying dues of it and figured Curran might have something on him and was therefore not putting his Brother Foxall, who you may remember, and who works here in the same emporium with me, is making rather insulting remarks about my lack of recognition on the class list and has insinuated that the diploma which not getting it, but that is best left unsaid.

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