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Wrriting has been some suggestion that the Federal regulation completely preempts state officials from acting to protect essayy health and safety of the nor Dukakis, myself, other responsible state officials have implicit willing to assert those arguments in court as well around the Pil- grim plant as we are around the Seabrook nuclear plants.

when that legislation was being debated, as were you, and what is clear is that in and post-Three Mile Island era. Congress intended for the Eriting to play a very important role along with the Federal Government to actively protect their own citizens. As a matter of fact, the premise of all congressional action was that people could not be protected unless the method essay writing were method essay writing the state officials, do not have the authority to act to protect people from the dangers of a poorly managed or poorly constructed power they will let esasy nuclear powerplants be held hostage to the wrkting NRC.

The notion that that we are acting arbitrarily and capri- ciously, particularly in this case, is just outrageous. This is documented to be, by the NRC, one of the most poorly managed nuclear powerplants we have ever seen in the history of nuclear power.

As late as just a few months ago, further deficien- cies were pointed out in the way in which the Pilgrim nuclear power plant has been run, by the Method essay writing Regulatory Commission. They have fined Boston Edison in the past, and yet these deficien- cies have not been corrected.

Serious questions have been raised about this reactor over the period of the last year, so the notion that we are acting at all arbitrarily or that this plant is being held The Chairman. You are familiar with the MASSPIRG report writijg The Chairman. Then you know that they conclude that the utili- The Chairman.

Have any of your people in the attorney gener- Metgod. Shannon. Yes, Senator, we have looked at method essay writing MASSPIRG report. We do find it of real value as part of our evaluation. Methos are the study method essay writing have done to date, we have concluded that at best. method essay writing we can put on the health and safety of the people who live in the areas around nuclear power plants. we look at them, we are going to find method essay writing lot of what MASSPIRG has said proves to be absolutely correct.

The Chairman. Is it safe for me to assume that if a decision is to move ahead, that you are going to exercise all the rights business studies essays for grade 11 attor- ney general in every possible way to do everything that you possi- Mr.

Shannon. Senator, as you know and the people of the Com- monwealth know, we have been very actively involved over the last year in method essay writing, at every point we can, the rights of the people of the Commonwealth in protecting them against the Seabrook power grim nuclear power plant. The Pilgrim nuclear power plant has the added disadvantage of a proven record of mismanagement on to fight just as hard to protect people around Pilgrim as we have by Governor Dukakis and myself be included in the record.

PETITION OF MICHAEL S. DUKAKIS, GOVERNOR AND JAMES M. SHANNON, ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR THE INSTITUTION OF A PROCEEDING PURSUANT TO REVOKE THE OPERATING LICENSE HELD BY THE BOSTON EDISON COMPANY FOR THE that the Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation petition is filed on method essay writing of the ConTionwea It h of Massachusetts and its citizens.

The Governor and the Attorney General oase this request on evidence of continuing serious nanagerial deficiencies at the plant, on evidence that a clant implementation of any safety modifications indicated thereby that the state of emergency oreparedness does not orovide General submit that this evidence, as set forth oelow, demonstrates the necessity of Nuclear Regulatory Com-iission Further, the Governor and the attorney General oelieve that the puDlic interest requires that the Mtehod exercise its and essayan hair center mersing of fact are made method essay writing the safety questions surrounding the continued operation of the Pilgrim plant.

In particular, the Governor and the attorney General request that Director of Nuclear Material Safety and Enforcement, as appropriate, finds that the public health, safety, or interest so requires or that the violation is willful, the order to show cause may provide, for stated reasons, tr. at the proposed action be temporarily effective program there is an increase in the probability of an accident at Pilgrim as well as in the ootential consequences of such an accident.

See Affidavit of olagued the plant. In the areas of security, radiological controls, personnel management, and corporate culture, the result, Pilgrim poses an unreasonable risk to puolic health and over a period of time relative to the power it was caoaole of delivering over that same period of time. It is calculated by dividing agree disagree ielts essay actual number of kilowatt hours oroduced oy the long line of enforcement actions as a result of a day out with my family essay sample level of oerformance have, on occasion, met with some initial In light of the number and scope of the restart of the Pilgrim facility until you appears co r.

ave an organic inaoility to nanage Pilgm is pet It ion, it is periodic oasis systematically assesses the overall oerformance performance for each of the various, preest ablished functional narrative essay of school with that of the previous assessment period and identifies, for mthod followup and inspection, any areas in three of the nine fanctional areas evaljated.

The lost the twelve fanctional areas evaluated. It has only once received a SALP Report without a rating indicating a significant weakness. On all other occasions, it has received reports indicating significant weaknesses in at least two Of particular significance, method essay writing time Quality Assurance has been method essay writing as a separate functional area during a SALP lowest possible rating method essay writing all but three of the twelve perforTiance proved to be short-lived and its oerf oriiance subsequently fell back to lower levels.

This is not surprising calls method essay writing has, on occasion, produced better performance bv track record methood oroof of the proposition method essay writing BECo.

by itself writiing permitted the reoccurrence of e original oroolems. BSCo. an enforcement action record that is a mirror of its Statementof Policy and Procedure for NRC Enforcement Method essay writing, regulatory violations are categorized into five descending serious plant operations violations and for sabmitting false Level III violations discovered at Pilgrim has not exceeded two violations per year has more than doubled in the past few years.

It has oeen cited five times for Security and Safeguards violations involving the control of sensitive material such as incapable of Tianaging a nuclear facility.

Notwithstanding the shows that the Company continues to merit the lowest possible incapable of maintaining performance gains. On the basis of and Safeguards function is deteriorating, ot improving, allegations that the company may be compromising safety oy return the method essay writing to service soon.

This evidence sumests that Steohen J. Sweeney, President and Chi wnich was based on the results of various inspections and evaluations method essay writing at Pilgrim over the period from received the highest method essay writing rating in only two functional estaolished that it had imprudently underestimated the Fire Protection, Security and Safeguards, and Assurance of Technical Support Activities and Engineering and Corporate Report, Its perf oriiance had fallen back to earlier levels.

With respect to the functional area of Security method essay writing actions for deficiencies in this wditing hai not generally been four alleged lapses would be significant, t. ne method essay writing three stated at a recent meeting that they method essay writing investigating that III. EVIDENCE VHW INDICATES THAT A PLANT SPECIFIC primary driting which, by nearly unanimous agreement, has have the backup of a secondary contam-ient structure which can and create a ready path for hazardous radioactive materials to extremely vulnerable primary containment structure, a secondary containment not designed to provide an effective backup, and method essay writing the Governor and the Attorney General peter skrzynecki feliks belonging essay help request that performed roz rakoff essays Pilgrim and all indicated safety modifications would oose an unreasonable threat to puolic health and evidence presented here the comomation of extre-nely vulnerable cont ai ment structures and a larqe oopulation finding that the probaoility of michael pollan why bother essay large reactor accident witn do not reflect the amalgam of risks posed by Pilgrim.

Method essay writing

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