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Ensuring your evidence fits your claims Making your case without oversimplifying it Some inexperienced writers think that the strongest and most persuasive kind of writing projects a voice of utter confidence, complete certainty, no room for doubt of the possibility of seeing things in a different way.

That view could not be more mistaken. If communicating with your edsay is like having a serious, mutually respectful conversation with them, njhs essay 2014 the last kind of person eseay want to talk with is someone who is UTTERLY CERTAIN Exsay EVERYTHING WITH NO QUALIFICATIONS, RESERVATIONS, OR LIMITATIONS. Another decision of uncertainty essay of reservation you ought to make room for in your papers is plausibly contradictory evidence.

No matter what position you take on a text, there will almost always be some evidence in it that someone can use as a basis to disagree with you. The point here is to avoid the kind of flat-footed, unnuanced, njhs essay 2014 certainty that characterizes the thinking njhs essay 2014 someone who does not recognize that things are usually more complex, less clear-cut, than most of us wish.

Maybe your long-term goal is to finish that novel by the end of the year. Maybe you want to edit that project to the point where you can finally send it out to your critique partners. Essays on bentham hart Piper is a writer, photographer, and librarian njhs essay 2014 is interested in art, architecture, and sustainable development in Detroit.

His work has been featured in KnightArts, Bad at Sports, Detroit Research, Infinite Mile, and Model D. Please use a JavaScript-enabled device to view this slideshow This post also appears onan Njhs essay 2014 partner site.

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