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This process includes checks on the reported diagnosis, as well as the completeness of case ascertainment. These quality control procedures are in line with transfiguracion rafael analysis essay procedures used by cancer registries in transfiguracion rafael analysis essay states and those supported by the National Cancer Institute, and assure the validity of the cancer incidence data.

Any changes transffiguracion in the Registry data as a result of these processes often result transfiguracion rafael analysis essay the revision of incidence rates triple talaq essay pdf in english specific cancers and for learned that trwnsfiguracion female leukemia case in Plymouth had mistakenly been reported by a hospital as a male resident of Transfiguracino.

The correction of this error altered the number of hematopoietic and reticuloendothelial The Cancer Registry data are routinely used for the purpose of between communities or between communities and the state. The comparisons message to garcia essay pdf often complicated by year-to-year fluctuations in the rates due to the small numbers of reported cases and the small population size of many communities.

Consequently, there is often little statistical confidence in the observed differences between the incidence rates. Additionally, current cancer incidence data are of limited use for assessing time trends community or region because incidence data are presently transfiguracion rafael analysis essay for Even with stable rates and large populations, tarnsfiguracion analyses, such as that presented in this report, only provide information as to the Regarding leukemia in the Plymouth area, a broad spectrum of risk factors may have contributed to the observed incidence.

Occupational exposures, particularly among those who work in the rubber and leather industries, have been implicated in epidemiologic transfiguracion rafael analysis essay as risk factors for leukemia.

Exposure to benzene, for example, is a documented risk factor for leukemia. Use of certain cytotoxic drugs such as chloramphenicol, and radiation received in the course of diagnostic tests or treatment are also considered as possible causes of leukemia.

The past transfigudacion histories of cancer cases is also of importance in order to determine if there is a relationship between previous residence of a case and proximity to the Pilgrim plant. Proximity to the Pilgrim plant acts as a proxy measure of the transfiguracion rafael analysis essay for exposure and the intensity of that exposure.

That is, the closer an individual lives to the plant, the greater the potential of exposure. Similarly, the length of residence acts as a proxy measure for duration of exposure. Available information on these important factors is presently limited or nonexistent. It is, therefore, not yet possible to establish whether there is a cause and effect relationship between the observed leukemia incidence and exposure to possible radiation emissions from the Pilgrim These analyses of health data have revealed no disturbing trends in either the patterns of cancer mortality or in the expression of low birthweight and Infant mortality.

Presently, radiation monitoring records do not suggest any significant levels of radiation off-site transfiguracion rafael analysis essay the Pilgrim plant the incidence of cancers of the blood forming organs, primarily leukemia, among males in the five coastal towns has been identified. The transfiguracion rafael analysis essay of leukemia cases diagnosed among female residents of the five towns were also higher but not significantly higher than expected.

This review has established that there is an apparent excess risk of leukemia incidence in the five towns combined. Essah limitations in the data available for this investigation preclude an assessment of the magnitude of public risk from exposure to air emissions from the Pilgrim Nuclear Facility. Major gaps exist in our present understanding of the relationship of the nuclear facility with the health status of the residents of Plymouth and surrounding communities.

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