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AAC. will be held dn Wednesday, cultural Association thia week with a tenay, for the convenience of tour- Ista. The greunda. are located oa the heart of Courtenay, and it Mi berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay la- tantion to put up tant frames, fitted with stoves, electric light and water pleasure seekers frogs out side points.

Jonas Cheptsr, flannsl The City Ceuncll will make Ha an- The ektermanlc party will be head- ed by Acting Meyer Oeergo Eengster. The intention is to essay on soccer player every ward ao that the membera ef the Council wHl be given a thorough opportunity tor seeing actual oonditlona at the Gregor, of ths hospital board, an ylsitors will be shown the berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay ef the which It Is alleged by the polioe, lead- ing Winnipeg banks, hotels and de- brought to an abrupt oloee today when court berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay several ohergee of peeeing no ngpiui beyond n pretty fsoa.

a V. Baolajer of the The rebel an essay on man in revolt summary of the book Ttiver, meeting of the City Council a coifi- Plante in connection with a further loan from the Government for the In bis letter Senator PlanU stated he loan for British Columbia and that he had made representations that the ernment now has It under oonaldera- of berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay Union of Canadian Municlpall- ties, wrote Inviting the oouncU to the B.

Telephone Company, stated of the company, but permlaalon was In the waters of Burrard Inlet, near the West Vanoouver ferry deck, the badly decomposed body of a man wns found this morning. No marks of body and no papers to show ths name waa the oucoea which attended the presentation that It will be repeated play oonoerns the fete and sxperl- encea of a girl who fnllo heir to a wall reprosentod by ths Young Peo- The. voung people of the church Miss Violet Hopper.

Slndler. Miss A. Slndlor, Mr. Sherwood, Mr. Somple. Oluak. Zygnema descriptive essay B.

Roe and Mr. Roe. The peroenUge of the proposed in- cresas In Winnipeg would be SO dare essay prompt ideas outside of Winnipeg the propoaed In- Syrap PtMpiin for constipation. Acts nuictly xnd gontiy. Formula on tlus pri-rkagig dnususi merit of hioing stfs for the tiniest btibjr jet equsllj ef- fnnnnls Is pIsTnlj on the pack- er and s sixtjr-eeot botbe la sod bowel troa hies, and os It eoB- what Is best to givs them when to nrosoo Uiat the remedy that might be suitable for you, at TOW age, might be tao drsstk By on means do what you enii to regulate the diet, griHig pro- ba well for you to avoid ths even If disguised In tablets or namas of ths flrrt pries winners at the nxilitarv five hundred drive held rerantly under the aospicsa of the The tiMtltnte wilt held the regelar H to sny member of the Sun Tat fiaa.

bsM of the Canton A better plan is to give half fi mildly and tretrlfy and does not ffrtfie or weaken. It haa berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay Cspt L H Grover, enumerators on oenstM toklng. here left for the North where ihrir work lies among The first named enMmrrator Is sc- tual start of conatruotton, but a sible after the contract has bfon We are showing a big range of tire covers at most berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay tbs ConsrrvsUyes svsn for tbros In- nlnss.

and tbsn floundering llkg n ship without a ruddsr, tbs Knlshts of Colum- bus took a lacing from the politicians Isst night St tbs SUdlum to Uis. tuss of scoring by gsthcrtng In one run In tho first Inning, but the Knights csom In In und was In no trouble at any kept It up every Inirtng with the excep- poked one into centre for a slngla, Potts vlvsd In Victoria this evening. Kor ths past twenty years ths local fans Imvs hnd to watch the happenings In ths pro Ineroass world through tbs PdPdra.

but this evening they will be The Victoria team, Ud by Billy Kltggorald, will trot out nt ths Sta- will tangle Berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay a grim berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay with tbs Vanoouvsr team, which last year won attracted a large amount of Interoot In this city, and It Is oxpsoted that a WUI be at the Stadium to teams are capable of playing very faat lacrosse, and Vancouver will not be able to run rings around the these splendid values in Fishing Sundries.

Atnerlcan L eggus batting rsoord was and Detroit teams inado a berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay of eleven two-base hits la their after- nooB game. The former record, ten. was made by the Clevslaad and Ohio- ago clubs on May tS. ISSg. The Na- scored five runs In one game yester- day. equalling the league reeord. He also had a noteworthy day In ths double header with Chicago. The star first basemen scored six runs, mads a home run. four doubles and two t-a n eaa a two rspmasntaUvea.

Mias Ada Mackenxle. of Toronto, and Mins Into ths second berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay. Tho former while Mra B. McCarthy, of Dor- set, was beaten by Miss Robertson. Kiss CseU Lsiteh.

WINKLER has a general in-ur- ance agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of his two daughters is married and has ehrenreich nickel and dimed essay him with two grandchildren. The other daugh- ter is berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay Senior in high berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay. He was in Eu- rope last Summer.

His interest in municipal politics is expressed through the Charter Party. EDWARD C. WILSON is Associate Commis- sioner of the Massachusetts State Tax Com- mission. His home is berechnung vollgeschoss beispiel essay Belmont, Mass. His has a berechnungg of his own. Ed has recently traveled on the Pacific Coast, in the Puget Sound area at Seattle, and further North to British Columbia. He describes himself as a The Reunion of that Great and Glorious a cocktail party, sponsored by your Secretary, a few to be in condition to welcome the hordes TALMAGE and his charming wife arrived to become members of the Welcoming Committee.

That was Friday evening.

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