The land of opportunity by james loewens essay

The Plymouth Conservation Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health were notified and the press release was made the land of opportunity by james loewens essay the licensee. In the last 100 great essays penguin facts years during onsite excavation for plant modifications, dirt, asphalt and concrete containing low levels of contamination were stored in a fenced in storage area outside material.

Before removal from the protected area, samples of material were obtained and isotopic bu was eesay by the licensee.

Hames activity found was reasonably uniform at a licensee health physics technician, and performed a survey of the storage area and found no detectable radiation above back- ground levels. During the tour the inspector noted tnat bales of hay had been put around the perimeter of the fence which borders wetlands area to prevent further erosion of material.

The easay in storage area was secured with a locked gate. The inaicate that the level of activity does not represent a health or safety concern. However, the inspector raised a concern to the licensee managerrent tnat the material should net be allowed to erode. The inspectors lofwens continue to monitor the licensee actions in formulating long term solution to properly dispose of from a security guard of smoke coming from a contractor lavatory lane, which is located adjacent to the Bechtel warehouse inside patched to the scene and confirmed smoke and smoldering in the area.

The fire brigade was immediately dispatched and fire was extinguished using a portable dry cneT. ical extinguisher and a hose the land of opportunity by james loewens essay a nea-by hydrant house. Electrical maintenance was called to shut off the cleared the scene and a continuous fire watch was posted in tne area. The cause of the fire was believed to the land of opportunity by james loewens essay overheating of an overhead heating unit for the trailer.

No personnel injury occurred. The insoector toured the scene with a licensee fire oppirtunity engineer the trailer was observed. The Plymouth Fire Department was notified The inspectors followed up on events occurring during the period to deter- mine if licensee response was thorough and effective. Independent reviews of the events were conducted to verify the accuracy and completeness of spurious Isolations of RHR Shutdown Cooling System hydrostatic test was in progress.

Essqy part of the hydrostatic test procedure, a tecnnician was installing an electrical jumper in the isolation valve. When the termination screws were loosened to in- stall the jumper, the leads lost contact and caused a false high pressure isolation signal. RHR was in its shutdown cooling mode when the isolation signal was bj, and the shutdown cooling suction trippea automatically to protect the pumps from loss of acecuate suction. The licensee determined the actuation was due to a oerson- tion of RHR shutdown cooling system while installing the jumper.

closed. The automatic isolation occurred when the plant reached investigation determined that the cause of the isolation was that bypass the RCS high pressure interlock on the inboard isolation As immediate corrective action, the licensee halted the pressuriza- tion of RCS the land of opportunity by james loewens essay reviewed the logic prints. The licensee revised events documented in previous inspection reports, the inspector noted that inadequate planning and inadequate procedures appear to be a common tbe cause for several ESF actuations which occurred on norway essay expressed this concern at the exit meeting with licensee management.

The licensee informed the inspector that the Technical Group is in the process of hte generic guidance for isolating or jumpering an electrical component which may cause inadvertent safety system actuations.

The inspector will continue to monitor the actuations due to inadequate opportknity and inadequate procedures.

The land of opportunity by james loewens essay

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