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Resicert and specialist inspectors examined licensee release records for the dates in question to verify that vehicles leaving my favorite movie essay harry potter pro- tected area had been properly surveyed. No discrepancies were identified. An NRC resident inspector accompanied by a licensee representative collected four samples of the shrubs which had been deposited in the dump site discussed above.

Each of the four samples my favorite movie essay harry potter of root, branch and foliage clippings from a number of my favorite movie essay harry potter shrubs. The samples were indepen- dently analyzed by the NRC. Three of the samples incicated no contamination. One sample indicated only trace my favorite movie essay harry potter of Cobalt found in soil due to naturally occurring isotopes.

appears aaequate. Appropriate survey techniques and release the prccram is being implemented. Sairiples of the shrubs col- staff and to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Allegation of Airborne Radioactivity in the Trash Compaction borne radioactive contamination. The alleger stated that the two filter systems designed to treat exnaust air from the sort tafie prior to discharge into the roor.

were not functioning, and objectivity journalism essays the table, passed tnrcugh two filters operating in parallel, and released into the room.

Airborne radiation levels in the tci also examined the trash compaction unit in the area and examined equipment operation and interviewed licensee and con- tractor personnel involved in ongoing work, activities.

My favorite movie essay harry potter radia- tion outstanding teacher qualities essay, permit specifying protective clothing, health physics coverage, and use of a continuous air monitor is in place to octroi work at the sort table. Personnel involved stated that trash bags were surveyed prior to sorting and rejected if radia- powdery material was present.

The health physics technician on duty stated that filter radiation levels are monito-ed daily. Workers and health physics personnel also stated that my favorite movie essay harry potter filter my favorite movie essay harry potter, however no one had been clearly assigned this responsibility and no dp limit was established. The inspector pressure. When questioned workers stated that much of the monitoring and alarm circuitry for the table was rot functional, and that the filter alarm was not reliable.

The table was originally part of a larger processing system and much of the disconnected circuitry was intended to perform functions which are no longer needed. The inspector verified that current filter dp reacings are consistent with the manufactures name It appears that the general process applied, including inspec- tion and survey of trash bags prior to sorting, daily filter surveys and continuous air monitoring would preclude airborne radioactivity proolems.

Based on the above this allegation is closed. However, the inspector noted that no work instructions existed describing the controls applied and equipment monitoring requirements. Wren discussed with licensee radiation protection management they promptly committed to review the situation and Erosion of Construction Dirt into Wetland requires the licensee to inform the NRC of an event or situation related to health and safety of public for which a news release was made or notification of another government agency has been made.

During routine environmental monitoring, the licensee observed erosion from a pile of construction dirt into an adja- cent licensee controlled wetland. The Plymouth Conservation Commission and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health were notified and the press release was made by the licensee.

In the last several years during onsite excavation for plant modifications, dirt, asphalt and concrete containing low levels of contamination were stored in a fenced in storage area outside material. Before removal from the protected area, samples of material were obtained and isotopic analyses was performed by the licensee.

The activity found was reasonably uniform at a licensee health physics technician, and performed a survey of the storage area and found no detectable radiation above back- ground levels. During the tour the inspector noted tnat bales of hay had been put around the perimeter of the fence which borders wetlands area to prevent further erosion of material. The fenced in storage area was secured with a locked gate.

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