Essay the benefits of studying a foreign language

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With ineffective traffic control, evacuation estimates concerning the Seabrook plant should be doubled. Yet those people preparing estimates on the time necessary to evacuate Moreover, the estimates by HMM Associates fail to consider the time necessary to evacuate the nursing homes, schools, hospitals, campgrounds, MBTA buses will be called in from Boston.

No estimates have been developed for the time required to bring in sufficient buses at different tines of the day, week, and year and under various weather conditions. Indeed, federal guidelines require not just one evacuation time estimate, but a variety of estimates for different times of the day and different weather time estimates are for peak and typical population during normal and adverse weather, falling far short of the multiple federal requirements.

traffic disorder, public transportation dependent Individuals, and Even if HUM Associates considers these new factors, the new time estimates will remain speculative. Given all the uncertainties involved, the decision to order evacuation should only be made when the best estimate for a radiation release exceeds the new evacuation time estimates released from a meltdown, reactor operators essay the benefits of studying a foreign language NRC Inspectors should be trained to make accurate estimates essay the benefits of studying a foreign language various accident scenarios.

In the event of an actual meltdown, reactor operators and NRC inspectors should give emergency officials their best estimates together with an indication of the level of confidence they have in these estimates. FEMA. The new study should assume that a substantial amount of spontaneous evacuation will occur around the periphery of designated evacuation zones, that traffic obstacles outside the EPZ such as the Sagamore rotary will affect the amount of time required to evacuate the EPZ, that some drivers will panic and cause traffic disorder and delays, and that a substantial segment of the population will require public transportation to evacuate.

The new study must also include separate evacuation time estimates for various special population groups, for different adverse weather sex education teenage pregnancy essays and for various times of the day, week, and year. While all residents are at risk as a essay the benefits of studying a foreign language of Irresponsible and inadequate evacuation time estimates, certain individuals are at an even greater disadvantage in case of emergency.

The plans fall to address the needs of specific essay the benefits of studying a foreign language, including handicapped persons, nursing home residents, school children, hospital patients, and inmates as well as Civil defense authorities have made the assumption that private automobiles can provide virtually all of the transportation required to an accident occur during a weekday, the rosa parks north carolina essay paper state that these energy efficient essay may not be permitted to return home to pick up their families.

Another Current plans call for sending in MBTA and other area buses to pick up residents without access to automobiles. There is no evidence that the MBTA or any private bus lines have ever been contacted about evacuation assistance.

Beyond the fact that no written agreement exists to provide take or whether that many buses could be made available quickly. Relying would evacuate their own families from danger zones before reporting to drive an evacuation bus.

Two surveys of bus drivers in New York confirm this Radiological Emergency Response Plan states that lists of the physically disabled and elderly will be maintained by civil defense officials, the Because it is not feasible to maintain within the towns, an inventory of local public, that would be called upon to assist any individuals having special needs due to handicaps or disabilities will be maintained by the Director of Civil Defense.

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