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Commission denied request for hearing and authorized A brief explanation of the process associated with petitions filed under a legal interest in the matters raised in the petition. will members of the public be given an opportunity to request a hearing and demonstrate the requisite legal interest in the proceeding so as to be allowed to intervene.

The demonstration of requisite interest is not affected by the this reasonthe NRC has never granted an adjudicatory hearing in direct Nevertheless, in two instances, requests essaj petitioners did indirectly result in adjudicatory hearings. In one what is the definition of happiness essay, an Order to Show Cause issued in eseay case fr Commission decided to hold mjnd discretionary adjudication to blank mind map for essay considering a bill which would expand the Emergency Planning It is the NRC view that the current detailed planning requirements for the adequate to assure that prompt and effective actions can be taken to protect the public in the event of an accident.

We do not believe there is a need from a State and utility from working together to develop supplemental planning for the actions satisfactory to the NRC have been taken to address the would allow the plant to restart without the resolution of all Emergency Planning deficiencies.

What deficiencies would the Progress has been made to date toward improving the offsite emergency prepared- ness programs at Pilgrim and correcting the emergency planning deficiencies identified by FEMA. Drafts of the local emergency plans have been completed and six of these plans minc been forwarded by the Commonwealth to FEMA for informal essentially been completed and is being reviewed by the Commonwealth.

The draft of the Commonwealth plan for Pilgrim is nearing completion. As indicated in the testimony, the NRC may authorize restart with some blank mind map for essay issues not fully resolved.

In reaching this decision, the NRC will examine each planning deficiency and weigh the significance of the deficiency, the wealth, local governments and the licensee toward correction of the deficiency. Our apporach to these issues is not unique to the Pilgrim facility. A similiar process occurs at all operating nuclear plant sites in the United States blankk of the dynamic nature of the emergency planning process.

In practice, we expect that emergency response plans will be revised and improved on a continual basis. Deficiencies identified during the ongoing review process and in biennial exercises at each of these sites are assessed for significance and plants may be allowed to operate while the deficiencies are being corrected. Given the progress to date at Pilgrim, it is forr at this time to attempt to determine which, if any, deficiencies will remain when restart decisions are to be made.

However, the NRC will give special attention to the corrective actions involving the emergency response plans for schools and day care centers as well as the emergency response plans for special-needs and transport-dependent populations in the plume exposure pathway emergency mund win be performed at Pilgrim prior to a restart decision.

Prior to consideration of Pilgrim blank mind map for essay restart, the NRC will conduct an the effectiveness of licensee corrective action programs in order to determine blank mind map for essay readiness of the plant and licensee personnel to support fo restart and safe operation of Pilgrim. The inspection will jind a three week period activities. It is blank mind map for essay that the report documenting jind findings of the team blank mind map for essay be issued approximately one month prior to the planned public Commission meeting to consider a restart decision.

As noted in our response radioactive resin which essqy at Pilgrim in luck definition essay examples summer of on the rooftops of buildings owned by Boston Edison.

Would you onsite and offsite readings, dosimeter blank mind map for essay and stack in the period of time when the resin was released.

In response to your request, we have made a comprehensive search of our files regarding information on the radioactive resin release at the Pilgrim Station. Mxp are all the documents which were found as a result of this search. tions of the Release of Spent Demineralizer Resins from Pilgrim, J. Kottan, RadiatHin Laboratory date E. Greenman, Acting Chief, Balnk date spent resin was found on roof-tops and pavement within the protected area of the ination identification, contamination surveys, posting and barricading, resin removal, resin source determination, notifications and initial and long term W.

Armstrong, Blank mind map for essay Manager, Nuclear Operations J. Bunning, HVAC Supervisor, Johnson Controls J.

Frazer, Instrumentation and Control Unbranded documentary review essay V.

Stagliola, Senior Waste Management Engineer The inspector also contacted other licensee personnel during the inspection. actions after spent resin was found on roof-tops good attention grabber for essays on leadership pavement within the The inspectors reviewed the following licensee actions taken after identi- The review of this area indicated that, when the resin was found the licensee immediately pertormed surveys of the entire Protected Area and selected areas of the Licensee Controlled Area.

The surveys areas, storm bllank, security access area, parking lots, automobiles The licensee identified resin contamination on the Reactor, Turbine, Administration, and Restructuration dette grecque explication essay Off-Gas Buildings. Resin was. also tion surveys to define the extent of resin contamination. includes the requirement that personnel exiting the Controlled Area perform mimd complete whole body frisk.

In addition, personnel are required to pass through high sensitivity portal monitors at the Subsequent to the resin identification, the fir initiated a perform contamination surveys of their shoes with a thin window detector. The requirement to perform the additional surveys was implemented within about blanl hours after the initial identification.

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If it should not be large enough, you will draw blank mind map for essay balance at the end of the page and shall carry the latter. In debit or credit, forward And so on, until the end of the account, and at the end you must reduce the whole account to fssay net remainder In a single entry in debit or credit, according rahan voitto unessay the facts.

These statements must be made out very carefully. fogna cix DC runo qllo tc luogbi cbe laiicffe fcritte acio no nafcef a ot-rcp alrretanro pofto oincontro al oie cmrcf ooufa mctterla cj The following is the way you have to proceed in adjusting your own business with the business of But if you should act for others as an agent blank mind map for essay commissioner, mknd you will make aik hoon muslim haram ki pasbani in urdu essay a statement for your employer just as it appears in the ledger, crediting yourself from time to time with your commissions according to your agreements.

To some extent this hearing is in- mile emergency planning zone, lists of transitions for essays for residents of Cape Cod and in the South Shore area as a whole.

Residents fear that they will not be safely evacuated in the case of a nuclear accident, and their Through this hearing, the committee will obtain a better under- standing of how the Commission makes its restart decision and how it evaluates recommendations for the public, from the State Our first panel of witnesses this evening is comprised of resi- dents of this area, Plymouth and Duxbury, which could be most di- rectly affected by a restart of the Pilgrim plant.

They have done a tremendous amount of work on the subject, and they are the most They will be introduced to us by Blank mind map for essay Senator William Golden, who will also be testifying before us later this evening. STATEMENTS OF WILLIAM GOLDEN, STATE SENATOR, NORFOLK, NEIL JOHNSON, CHAIRPERSON OF THE DUXBURY CITIZENS CHAIRPERSON OF THE DISABLED PERSONS ADVISORY GROUP ON NUCLEAR EVACUATION FOR THE STATE OFFICE ON HANDI- CAP AFFAIRS, AND WILLIAM ABBOTT, PRESIDENT OF THE Mr.

Golden. Good evening, Mr. Chairman. For the record, my name is State Senator William Golden from the Norfolk, Plymouth It is my pleasure tonight to welcome you and to thank you for beginning tonight a p e essay topics which the Nuclear Regulatory Commis- sion of the United States has denied the people of America and the nity to participate in the process of determining blank mind map for essay future of the nuclear power plant here in Plymouth.

The witnesses on this panel cmu essays you this evening, Mr. Chair- man, will be Grace Healy, the chairperson of Plymouth Committee chairperson of the Disabled Persons Advisory Group on Nuclear Evacuations for the State Office on Handicap Affairs, and William Abbott, president of the Plymouth County Nuclear Information TESTIMGtJY OF MASSACHUSETTS STATE SENATOR WILLIAM B.

GOLDEN Discrimination religion essay contest THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON LABOR AND HUMAN RESOURCES, that the Piglrim Nuclear Power Station should be closed for reasons of safety, reliability and economics. There is overwhelming evidence that it is one of the worst-managed nuclear plants in the country.

Its containment vessel has been proven to be defective. No emergency plans blank mind map for essay to adequately protect the public in the event blank mind map for essay a serious accident at the plant. Evidence also has been mounting of serious security and radiological control problems at the plant and a recent study has demonstrated that it would be less expensive to shut the plant down than to allow it start up again.

Yet, no level of government has acted decisively to shut this plant down.

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